H.O.G Backhoe Rates

HOG Backhoe

Rates and Our Pricing Method

“Don’t be fooled by competitors advertising low prices only to discover the resulting work lacks quality — and the amount of work completed is far less than anticipated or promised.”


Remember, while it’s important to obtain the best possible rate, it’s most important to receive quality work with more accomplished within the estimated time frame. There is nothing worse than having a “cheap” contractor delay others on the job — in the end that means more cost to you.


The old saying “you get what you pay for” is completely true when it comes to this industry. We believe it’s more important to deliver maximum, high-quality work rather than cutting corners and providing the bare-minimum to our clients. While we stand firm in this belief, we also understand the importance of offering a realistic value to fit any budget.


We offer daily rates, flat rates and contract rates to accomidate your job requirements and budget. Rates start as low as $1 per foot.
We are licensed and insured. Contact us by calling 954.914.5890 for a free estimate.